About Jaxy

Long ago, when the animals still ruled the earth, and talked, and rode horses instead of walked, a small Welsh dragon called Mervyn once lived all alone in a damp cave by the cold seashore.
— Jaxy Mono, The Book of Dubious Beasts

Meet Jaxy

Jaxy Mono - the world famous "monkey with a typewriter" and the creator of "monkey lit" - is a highly intelligent tail-less Barbary Ape (Macaca silvans) from Europe's only population of wild monkeys in Gibraltar. 

As a young member of Gunnery Battery Troop, Jaxy (pronounced JAKH-see) had many opportunities to observe human behaviour and language close-up at the Apes’ Den. Jaxy then completed his education by stowing away in a tourist’s rucksack and traveling the world.

Jaxy creates his works by tapping, apparently at random, on the screen of a “borrowed” (i.e. stolen) iPad. Jaxy also thieves cameras, and he is a keen film-maker. His six hour documentary study of his left foot has won major prizes at several international film festivals.

Outside his artistic endeavours, Jaxy likes beer, bananas and his babies; and he dislikes fleas, being paid in peanuts, and zoos. His hobbies include foraging, grooming, playing tag with his offspring, rooting through trash-cans, and defecating in parked cars (do NOT leave your car windows open in Jaxy’s vicinity).

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, Jaxy doesn’t believe in evolution, as he simply can’t accept that he is descended from creatures as primitive as human beings; especially Creationists.

Jaxy Mono has asserted his inalienable moral right to be identified as the author of his works; and anybody who asserts otherwise will be nipped on the butt. 



About "monkey lit"

"Monkey lit" is a new literary genre, created by Barbary macaque Jaxy Mono. It puts humanity firmly in its place - the dog house - and it gives voice to the endangered, the extinct, and the purely imaginary. Uninhibited, sometimes scandalous, and often outrageously funny, it is the ultimate outsider literature.

Alternatively, it could be just a cunning way to avoid libel lawsuits. 

WARNING: "Monkey lit" is not recommended for the pious, the priggish, the pompous, or the uptight.