thirty-three (Paperback)

thirty-three (Paperback)


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thirty-three is an R-rated “screenplay in verse” for a movie that will never be made; that is, unless you watch it in your mind’s eye. 

In its thirty-three moments of love, it tells of a passionate and disturbed affair between a film director and afamous actress in Hollywood, where love is just the price you pay to get some fame, and “MGM” rhymes with “phlegm”.

Alternately bitterly cynical and intensely lyrical, thirty-three tells a story never to be told, the real identities of whose protagonists must forever remain secret.

thirty-three is Jaxy’s look at the secret world at the heart of Hollywood.


All paperbacks are personally paw printed by Jaxy. 

This book is also available for download in Kindle and ePub format. 

ISBN: 9781311847379

Length: 64 Pages

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What our readers say:

There are many many highlighted sections of witty and poignant lines alternatively that I think I shall return to many times for a wry smile or a touch of jaded advice. Needless to say this little book shall grace my shelfs for years to come.
— Kaylee Mitchell (Goodreads)
I love when an author can make scandal, cynicism, and a love story work in one volume. You have to read from cover to cover and then turn around and read again.
— Pam Mooney (Goodreads)