Willy Whale (Paperback)

Willy Whale (Paperback)


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How do you solve a mystery when you can’t trust your own sanity? 

Hollywood private detective Willy Whale finds a severed human nose one morning in his burger. Convinced that he’s either hallucinating or that he is the victim of a cosmic practical joke, Willy initially tries to ignore his gruesome discovery. But when a string of unsolved murders all point back to this sinister first clue, Willy realizes that he has stumbled on a dark secret.

As all around him A-list stars lose their heads, starlets sell their bodies to become famous, and movie moguls shoot out the holes between their ears, Willy tracks the unknown killer through Hollywood, even as all the evidence seems to point to him being the murderer. Running from his past, his memories, and even his real name, Willy knows he must discover the true killer before the cops begin to look into his identity. 

And time is running out.


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ISBN: 9781311231574

Length: 242 Pages

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What our readers say:

... a thoroughly enjoyable rollercoaster ride. l didn’t know what to believe.
— Christine Andrews (Goodreads)
Suspend your disbelief that extra bit, and add a little magical realism to Hollywood - which after all is rather unreal anyway, and enjoy this wry dark look at life - that still contains a dash of hope. I enjoyed it, and it’s also the best novel I have ever read written by a monkey.
— Tim Gray (Goodreads)