Zootopia (Paperback)

Zootopia (Paperback)


Get your own autographed (paw-printed) paperback copy of Zootopia!

Mother Nature walks out on humanity…

A stoned crow has a bizarre religious experience…

Two white lab rats carry out an outrageous experiment on a research scientist…

Britain goes to the dogs. And to the cats. But, mostly, to the dogs...

These are some of the wonderful tales told by the world-famous “monkey with a typewriter”, the macaque Jaxy Mono, in Zootopia - his follow-up to his smash hit of “monkey lit”, The Book Of Dubious Beasts.

Beautifully illustrated with drawings by renowned artist Dmitry Pousirev, Zootopia is suitable for children and adults from 11 to 111. It contains such classic once-read-never-forgotten stories as Mother NatureThe Arctic PenguinThe Crow, and The Eletiger.

All paperbacks are personally paw printed by Jaxy. 

This book is also available for download in Kindle and ePub format. 

ISBN: 9781310635601

Length: 252 Pages

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What our readers say: 

I utterly loved this book. Suitable for all ages, it throws a delightful, amusing look on certain creation theories, whilst making a gentle moral point throughout about Mankind’s treatment of nature and his surroundings. Highly recommended, and I was sorry to reach the last page!
— Kerry (Goodreads)
Suspend belief. Shut reality firmly in a cold, dark place and enter the strange, enthralling worlds of the infamous Jaxy Mono [...] Once the spell is cast there is no escape until the final tale reaches its grand finale.
— Judith Dickinson (Goodreads)